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More Delicious by the Dozen

Quantity and Quality

We take the same pride in our wholesale items as we do for retail sale. Our products not only taste and look good; they have an amazing shelf life as we bake from scratch every day of the year. Your order arrives fresh, never frozen, made from the finest ingredients crafted with care by our talented bakers. Amphora Bakery has been creating the highest quality baked goods in Northern Virginia for over 35 years.

Opportunity for Growth

Opening a new business that calls for great morning fare or late-night snacks?
• Contact us to set up an appointment at bakerywholesale@amphoragroup.com

Need suggestions for building or expanding your dessert selection menu?
• Share your wish list and Amphora will be glad to help

Convenience and Dependability

We have two locations in Northern Virginia. If you have any questions about our wholesale products, or how we can partner with you in your new or existing business model, please contact us via bakerywholesale@amphoragroup.com

*Minimum order and maximum distance may apply. Please contact us for more information.

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