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Holiday and Peak Season: 

Due to the high volume production at these times, custom decorated items and special or large orders will often have an “order by” date. Normal or advance notice order times may increase during these times.  For best avaialabilty we recommend placing orders at least two weeks in advance.


How long does it take to receive a custom quote?
24-48 HRS. Please see the infograph above to estimate production time. This time may be extended during holiday and peak seasons. If you need your order in hand right away,* please call the bakery directly (*RUSH fees will apply)

Do you need advance notice in order to place a special order for cakes and desserts?
YES. Most special and custom orders require advance notice. The amount of notice required will vary depending upon the specific item ordered and the quantity. Please refer to the dessert category on our website for more specific notice information.

Why do you require so much advance notice on your custom cakes and desserts?
The majority of our custom specialty cakes require members of our Pastry, Art and Decorative Team to work together to create a dessert that is not only beautiful to look at but also delicious. Advance notice is required so each team member can prioritize and provide the necessary amount of time needed for each unique design.

Do I need an appointment when ordering a custom cake or desserts?
For tiered wedding cakes only. To schedule an appointment, submit this WEDDING CAKE CONSULT form; we will get back to you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our wedding cake adviser. For all other custom cakes or desserts, please feel free to  EMAIL US, call or drop into either bakery located in Herndon or Vienna where any of our knowledgeable bakery staff can provide assistance.

Do you deliver?
YES. We deliver to many areas within Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Our delivery fees are based upon the distances from our Herndon bakery location. Large orders and tiered cakes may require specialized transportation that will incur additional delivery fees.


How much do you charge for specialty, sculpted or novelty cake?
Our pricing for custom cakes is a combination of two components, the cake price, and the decorative price. The decorative price will vary depending upon the artistic complexity of the design and the size of the cake. Refer to our pricing guides for more information:  BUTTERCREAM PRICING Guide and  FONDANT Guide

When do I have to pay for my custom special order cake or desserts?
 All special orders must be paid in full  in advance so that the order can be finalized and added to our production schedule.

How much do you charge for wedding cakes?
Wedding Cakes are as unique as your own wedding. Please feel free to schedule a  or EMAIL US for estimated pricing.

Do you offer volume and wholesale discounts?
YES. We do offer both volume and wholesale discounts based upon both the quantity and type of item ordered.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We are also able to accept online credit card payments through our processor Pay Pal.

Do you offer custom cake or dessert refunds?
Due to the nature of custom cake and dessert production, Amphora bakery does not offer credits or refunds.


Production on your order begins only after order & payment confirmation

ONLINE/PHONE ORDERS – ALL ITEMS: Depending upon the size of the cake and/or complexity of the design, decorated cakes require a minimum of 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of final order to the date of pick up/delivery. Tiered cakes and cakes required during busy times of year may require additional notice. Larger sizes and some designs may be created with less than 3 days advance notice but shall be subject to a 20% rush fee. Call for specific information regarding rush availability.

ONLINE/PHONE ORDERS – ALL ITEMS: Minimum of 2 BUSINESS DAYS advance notice. Call for specific order information or rush availability. DESSERTS IN GLASS & PASTRIES: Minimum one dozen (per item). IN STORE PURCHASE: No minimum, while supplies last.

ONLINE/PHONE ORDERS: Hand Decorated Cookies require a minimum of 5 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of final order to the date of pickup/Delivery. Edible printed frosting images require 2 BUSINESS DAYS. Hand decorated cookies require a minimum of one dozen per design. Call for design-specific order information or rush availability. IN STORE PURCHASE: No minimum; while supplies last.

ONLINE/PHONE ORDERS: Minimum order one dozen (12) per design. Some cupcakes may require up to 3 BUSINESS DAYS depending on design complexity. Call for design-specific order information or rush availability. IN STORE PURCHASE: No minimum; while supplies last.

ONLINE/PHONE ORDERS: Available by the dozen (per design) and up to 3 BUSINESS DAYS advance notice. Call for design-specific order information or rush availability. IN STORE PURCHASE: No minimum; while supplies last.


Will my cake/desserts look exactly like what is shown on your website?
While every cake and dessert displayed on our website has been created at our bakery, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an exact replica of the image. We are proud to employ “sugar artists” and pastry designers rather than simply “decorators”. With that said, like an “artist”, each has its own unique style/technique style of decorating with sugar, fondant, buttercream, and royal icing. Also please see our notes regarding color selections.

Can I supply my own cake designs?
YES. Please note however as we stated above each of our “sugar artists” and “designers” has their own unique style which may differ from any inspiration photos provided. Also Please refer to notes regarding Color selections.

Can you put a photographic image or graphic on a cake?
YES. If you email us a high-resolution image, we can then print on an edible frosting sheet and place directly on your cake. Please note that edible inks do not print certain colors the same as non-edible inks and can change color if exposed to light and humidity. If you require a very close match such as that required for a corporate logo, please ask our bakery consultants about the option of ordering an image proof.

Can your Amphora use my recipe to create a dessert?
MAYBE. Recipes will be considered and approved by our corporate pastry chef who can review to ensure that we have or are able to obtain the necessary ingredients and can be reproduced. Custom recipes are subject to an additional surcharge.

How do you color your icings?
Amphora uses premium food coloring. Please note that excessive amounts of color or dark colors such as blues, reds, black and dark pinks will likely change the buttercream flavor and stain teeth and clothing. Should your selected design require excessive or dark coloring, flavored buttercream or airbrushing may be an option. Dark colors may be selected if the cake is covered in Fondant. Please note cream cheese icing and whipped cream cannot be colored and only flavored.

Can you match colors on my cake?
Unlike paint pigment, food coloring is far more limited in shades that can be created. While waiting for someone to invent software that will allow us to quickly blend and create custom edible colors, for now, our decorative team members do it all by hand. Please select from Amphora’s  STANDARD COLOR CHART  or for an additional cost Amphora offers premium color selections that are priced separately.

Does Amphora offer “gender reveal” or custom colored sponge and fillings?
YES. Amphora can color the both our vanilla sponge and/or our vanilla buttercream fillings. Please contact our bakery consultants for pricing information and the notice required.

Have a specific design? Fill out our REQUEST A QUOTE form.


Do you make specialty dietary cakes and desserts such as gluten-free, sugar- free, eggless, dairy-free and vegan?
YES. Please contact us for flavors, pricing, and additional information. Please keep in mind while we do our best to separate desserts with special dietary restrictions, please note that Amphora does use dairy, eggs, sugar and animal products throughout our bakery.

Can you accommodate allergies?
Amphora Bakery products are created in a facility that uses nuts, soy, dairy, wheat, tree nuts and eggs so may contain traces of all of the above.


Cake Transport and More
Most of our custom cakes and desserts require proper care during transport, this includes a cool temperature that does not exceed 70 degrees. Closed cars heat up quickly! Cakes and Desserts should be kept level during transportation. Car Seats and laps are NOT level. We suggest a better alternative to being on the floor of your car or the trunk weather permitting. Avoid excessive braking or sharp turns. Abrupt movements can cause fragile cakes and desserts to shift and decorations to fall off. If you are concerned about transportation, please ask us about delivery options.

Most of our cakes and desserts do best if stored in a refrigerator or during cooler months in a garage. Ideally, buttercream, fondant, and ganache should be brought to room temperature prior to serving. Cakes with Mousse, Whipped or Bavarian Cream and Cream Cheese should be kept refrigerated and brought out shortly before serving.

For restaurant quality cake slice presentation, dip a clean knife in very hot water before each slice then wipes dry. Use a cake server to lift each slice of cake on to the plate.



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