Herndon: 294 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA | Vienna: 405 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA Herndon: 703.964.0500 | Vienna: 703.281.5631



Can you ship your cakes?
Amphora does not ship cakes at this time.

Does Amphora Bakery deliver?
Amphora Bakery delivers within 25 miles of Vienna to the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland area. Delivery charges apply. Please contact our Herndon Bakery at 703.964.0500 or email amphorabakery@amphoragroup.com for delivery fees.

Can Amphora Bakery Pre-Slice my cake?
Pre-slicing is not an option at this time, since we cannot guarantee that a pre-sliced cake will retain its shape during transport.

What is the best way to slice my cake?
We recommend that you use a cake cutter or non-serrated knife dipped in hot water for the best cake cutting results.

I want my cake decorated, but I don’t see any designs that I like…
No problem! To meet your wants and needs, our talented pastry chefs can design a custom cake for you. Visit our bakeries for a custom design price quote or look through our many design books for additional options and inspiration.

Does Amphora Bakery make sugarless or flourless cakes?
At this time, Amphora Bakery does not make any sugarless cakes. We do offer a scrumptious flourless torte called Chocolate Nirvana.

Does Amphora Bakery create photo cakes?
Yes. We create photo cakes as well as photo cookies and cupcakes!

How can I purchase an Amphora Bakery gift card?
Gift cards can be purchased in person at either of our bakery locations or through our corporate office. For our corporate office, please call 703.766.4220 or email customerservice@amphoragroup.com.

How many days in advance do I need to order a custom cake or special order?
For custom and special orders, Amphora Bakery recommends at least three days notice and at least one week during our busy holiday seasons.

Does Amphora Bakery offer quantity discounts?
Amphora Bakery offers quantity discounts for wholesale accounts only. Wholesale inquiries must be directed to the corporate office at 703.766.4220 or email customerservice@amphoragroup.com

Can I buy half a cake?
Amphora bakery does not offer half cakes. For smaller sizes, we recommend our French pastries which mirror many of our cake flavors.

Does Amphora Bakery provide decorative writing on cakes?
Yes. For a nominal decorative charge, our bakery’s decorative staff can write on your 7″ cake while you wait! You can always pre-order decorative writing as well.

Does Amphora Bakery offer cash or credit refunds for special order cakes and/or desserts?
No. Amphora Bakery does not offer cash or credit refunds for any special order cakes or desserts. Gift Cards may be issued for cancellations made at least 2 business days in advance of scheduled pick up or delivery. Please note that Amphora’s cakes are each unique works of art, hand-crafted by artisans and pastry chefs, and may vary from design/color requested and/or artwork provided. For colorful designs, color dye will be added to achieve the color swatch requested. Color dye variations can lead to temporary discoloration upon consumption.