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Scoutsand Schools

Boost Creativity for schools, brownies & scouts with decorating lessons from Amphora Bakery!

Cupcake & Cookie Decorating:

This workshop features fun cupcake and cookie decorating great for kids that are interested in learning the basics of sugar design! Guests will be instructed by one of Amphora’s pastry chefs as they instruct the group on the basics of frosting a cupcake and applying sugar deco to both cupcakes and sugar cookies.

Each child will receive a fondant cookie to decorate and a cupcake to decorate with buttercream icing. Children will learn the basics of icing with pastry bags and use various tips and techniques to create creative designs on their desserts.

Cupcake & Cake Pop Decorating Workshop

This workshop will give you all of the ideas and know how you will need to create the most fabulous cupcakes and cake pops! A slightly more advanced workshop, you will be instructed by one of Amphora’s professional pastry chefs as they instruct you on cupcake and cake pop decorating basics such as how to frost the perfect cupcake, dying frost and using an offset spatula correctly. We will also have a candy buffet for you to select your own ingredients and create your own beautiful cupcake and cake pop creations! At the end of the workshop, you will take home a box of 6 cupcakes and 6 cake pops.

All materials are provided, including the cupcakes, cake pops, icing, decorative materials, tools and packaging to transport your masterpieces home safely.

Kit will include:

petal tips – 127 and 104
round tips – 12 and 3
flower tips – 1B
star tip – 6B and 18
decorating bags
cupcake containers
4” spatula
6 standard size cupcakes
We will have candy buffet for cupcake topping